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 Becky A Downey




Becky grew up in the Pacific NW in a large family that spent summers, vacations and weekends always on an adventure of boating, camping and hiking...


Since that time Becky has always been known as the 'curious' one...She deemed it her responsibility to know how and why everything and anything worked...


After successfully taking her father’s flashlights and one of his beloved cameras apart to only find out  that she couldn't put them back together in the same working mode...Her father blessed her at the age of eight with her most treasured "Kodak Brownie "Holiday Flash" Camera"...


That camera as she now realizes was the beginning of her quest to never accept the status quo...Becky has broken every rule in photography...some worked, some didn't...but her passion lies in awakening the senses in everyone who looks at her work.


Becky is a true artisan and photographer who loves to travel throughout the world as well as fulfill her dream of making her home in the majestic Columbia Gorge, which divides the mountainous states of Washington and Oregon – kayaking, hiking and capturing images of its inhabitants, its wildlife and nature’s bounty.


Whatever your photographic needs may be feel free to email Becky :


Becky shares her love of the outdoors by assisting others in fulfilling their photographic needs, regardless of location or subject.


Thank you for stopping by!

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